Mischief managed. 👊✖️

Mischief managed. 👊✖️

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Shot me down, bang bang. 🔫✖️

Shot me down, bang bang. 🔫✖️

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Jongup pretty much summing up life.

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To My Beautiful Babies:

There are’t much I can do except to keep you all in my prayers and wish for the best for all of us. It’s hard, I know, but I hope you all know too that we will support you, well… I’m pretty sure you guys know that already, my dorks :) For the nine of you who deserve nothing but happiness and more, I give you my trust, that you all are strong and we can go trough this together. It will get better, everything will get better… One day, we will cry tears of happiness together, no more sadness. Please keep in mind, my loves, stay safe, stay healthy, eat a lot and hold each others hand tightly, just like how we, fans will claps our hands tightly and wish for your well being. Everything will be fine, as long as we stay together. We are strong, aren’t we? :) Don’t give up, let’s prove that we can go through this together. I’m proud of each and every one of you. Stay positive! It will get better! I love you all, ZE:A and ZE:A’S, you are all mine! ^^


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Please just be safe…

ZE:A Lee Hoo pleads: ‘Reporters, please help’


and the gyu bullying returns in…. diss is infinite!!


E07 (5/?)